SKF Bearing

Car Alloy Wheel Rim

  • Item Type: Pet food
  • pet food type: Wet
  • container type: Pouch
  • readiness: Ready to eat
  • Main Ingredient: Seafood
  • Volume: 1.4 ounces
  • Pet Caution: Not for human consumption
  • Intended Type: Cat
  • Instructions: Refrigerate After Opening
  • Form: Chunks, liquid, sauce
  • Weight: 1.4 ounces
  • Pet Lifestage: All Ages
  • Features: Real meat
  • primary flavors: Fish, shrimp, tuna
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Give your dog Purina® Busy® Bone small/medium adult dog chew treats, and watch him get swept up in the long-lasting fun. He loves having busy work to do, and each of these chew bones lets you give him a job with a tasty reward at the end. Each Purina® Busy® chew bone features real meat in the middle for an exciting taste dogs love. He’ll while away the time working his way through the multiple layers of each delicious treat, keeping him occupied and you happy that he’s getting fun treats for dogs made with real ingredients.

  • Main Ingredient: Grain
  • Treat Consistency: Chewy
  • Capacity (Volume): 21.0 ounces
  • Pet Caution Statement: Not for human consumption
  • Intended Pet Type: Dog
  • Storage Instructions: Store in Dry Place
  • Form: Pieces
  • Weight: 21.0 ounces
  • Pet Lifestage: All Ages
  • primary flavors: Beef
  • Item Type: Pets: Pet treats
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